January 5, 2011

Checkin In...Random Thoughts Related to Writing and Reading...

January 5, 2011
Hello there!

1. I am finished with Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca and am currently about 200 pages in with Wilkie Collins' The Woman in White, both of which I am reading for Allie's January read-alongs.

2. I have been busy receiving some interesting book loot from online purchases. I will be sharing the details soon. I am happy to report that I have purchased seven selections and have saved around $60 with the use of store coupons, member discounts, and store bucks! Yes, I am really excited about my savings...lol!

3. Something that bothers me about my writing: I cannot seem to ever fully master the proper use of punctuation, especially things like the comma and the semicolon. I took a grammar course in college, but am too lazy to refer to my notes while I am writing. I know that convention is important in the writing of academic papers, but is it really that important in creative writing or blogging? About the only thing I ever remember for sure is that a comma is required before the use of "but" in a sentence.

4. Something that bothers me about my reading: I have a horrible time with the proper or intended pronunciation of the names of people and places in books. This really aggravates me. It occurs to me that this is one situation where audio books really come in handy!

HELP! :)


Allie said...

Even with an English degree I question my grammar skills. :) I always forget the rules. I just try to keep my writing as simple as possible to make it easier on myself.

I finished Rebecca as well, but I'm only 50 or so pages into Collins. And I haven't looked at Tolstoy yet (eek!)

Carey said...

I haven't opened Tolstoy yet either!

Kristi said...

I worry about my grammar skills as well. I recently googled when to use who and whom and there is a really fun blog called Grammar Girl that reviews grammar rules. The posts are short and easy to understand. It was a good refresher to me. I posted the website below. I'm not affiliated with it at all. I just found it helpful when I wanted to look up a rule.


Carey said...

Thanks for sharing Grammar Girl with me, Kristi! I just checked it out and the semicolon information was very helpful. I added this site to "my favorites" for easy access in the future. :)

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