February 18, 2011

Heat Wave Hits Upstate NY :)

February 18, 2011
Ahh, it has been in the high 50s two days in a row here in my part of NY and it feels like a summer heat wave! Isn't it funny how 50s at the end of winter are warm and 50s at the end of summer are cold? All I can hope is that flip-flop weather will be fast approaching...cuz I love flops and cuz I want to show off my newest tattoo!

Yes, I am a weird mix of tattoo lover and book lover...lol!


ex-library_with_usual_markings said...

Hi--stumbled upon your site by searching for "heat wave hits new york." My elderly parents are up in Plattburgh on Lake Champlain, and I was wondering if this Miami-style heat in Chicago has reached them at all yet. It's supposed to last for several more days. Anyhoo--book guy here--recently had to reluctantly let several hundred go. I guess I have hoarding tendencies when it comes to books. What are you reading these days? I'm finishing a very interesting biography of George Wallace--former Alabama governor and presidential candidate. Was an English major too many moons ago--will always love books. Before gas got outrageous, I used to drive all around New York and Vermont going from used bookstore to bookstore. I collected books on blues and jazz then. Good times. Oh well--what am I babbling on for? Great shot of Marilyn there. Misunderstood gal--not the simpleton many took her for. Never found that true love, I guess. Shame. OK--take care. Nick

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