March 31, 2011


March 31, 2011
Since starting this blog (as a reading journal of sorts), I have been contemplating keeping a personal journal as well. I kept a diary at different times in my youth. As an adult, I often wanted to start journaling again, but all the thoughts that swirl around in my head never seem to make it to paper. I get lost in the details of this idea. I like the idea of a regular pen and paper journal, but I hate my handwriting. Should I keep my journal on my laptop because there will be spell check and an orderly font? Will someone betray my trust and help themselves to my private thoughts (which happened to me as a child)?

Do you journal (outside of your blog)? Do you keep a notebook, a fancy cloth bound journal, or a computer document?


Darlyn (Your Move, Dickens) said...

I've tried to keep a journal outside of my blog, but it hasn't worked for me so far. I keep forgetting to write in it, while I regularly update my blog, on the other hand.

Good luck with your journaling plans. :)

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